Fad diets. Does it Work?

Fad diets… everyone knows they don’t work but for some reason people always go running back to them like the “ex you can’t get rid of.” Yes. Some of these fad diets may help you see fast results and we promise you’ll remember, ‘the ex you can’t get rid of’ analogy while reading this. That ex relationship isn’t healthy at all, and unconsciously we are all aware. The best relationships have a solid foundation. Fad diets hook people (like that pesky ex) because they promise fast dramatic results. Are you picking up what we’re putting down? It’s not healthy. On the other hand, who wants to live off of 900 calories a day of bland food? Not us. We love food, WHOLE food. Have you tried wrapping your trouble areas with a magic cloth in the hopes of tightening, toning and firming your skin? Did it work? Negative. Have you

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By: The Office of Aidan James