Important Vitamins and Supplements for Women

It is no secret that women have different vitamin and mineral needs than men. A good example of this is Omega 3 fatty acids. Although both men and women take Omega 3 for better health and longer living, women may experience further benefits from adding more Omega 3's to their diets or by taking supplements containing DHA Omega 3. Studies have found that women who eat fish at least once a week or women who take omega 3 supplements are 35-40 percent less likely to develop depression and other mood disorders. With so many supplements available, and considering the amount of nutritional differences between men and women, it can be difficult to identify the best supplements for a specific individual. The following information discusses some important supplements for women.

Women who have not yet reached menopause need to replace the iron they lose by eating foods rich in iron or by taking an iron supplement. Women who have entered menopause may need hormone replacement therapy and supplements to augment decreasing estrogen and other hormones levels in the body.

An amino acid known as L-arginine and available in a supplement can help increase fertility in women who are experiencing difficulty conceiving. This amino acid causes more blood to flow to the reproductive organs, which can aid in fertility and conception.

Women of all ages need to ensure they get enough calcium either through their diets or through calcium supplements to prevent serious bone loss and the development of osteoporosis, as they grow older. Nursing women need even more calcium than women who are not nursing.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus is a healthy bacteria found in women, and it helps ward off the effects of harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, contraceptive and other medicines as well as anti-bacterial soaps can eliminate the good bacteria women need and make them susceptible to yeast and other infections. There are some yogurt brands on the market containing live lactobacillus acidophilus cultures and supplements you can take to help restore a healthy balance of this bacterium to your body. Adding this bacterium to your body can offer protection from infections and diseases affecting the reproductive organs.

Cranberries may protect many women from developing urinary tract infections. You can eat this delicious and healthy fruit or take a cranberry supplement to help you avoid getting urinary tract infections or UTI's, and can help prevent the return of a treated UTI.

Stress and the responsibilities that women have in their daily lives can interfere with them getting the right amount of sleep they need for health. Melatonin in the body regulates your sleep cycle and levels in the body drop off when we become overly stresses and as part of the natural aging process. A melatonin supplement can reintroduce the correct levels of melatonin into the body to regulate your sleep cycles for more restful nights and better health. Valerian is a supplement that can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, which will of course also help you to get the sleep you need for the best health.

Chromium supplements may help diabetic women better manage their sugar levels due to chromium's positive interaction with insulin in the body. You should speak to your doctor before using any supplement including chromium to make sure it is the right choice for your diabetic management plan.

Green tea can help lower blood pressure and help to protect against heart disease in both men and women. White tea, also said to have these same health benefits only at a slightly higher level, is now becoming more widely available in stores and specialty markets across the country. Drinking two to three cups of green or white teas a day, can reduce your risks for developing heart disease by as much as 30 percent.

Your doctor may recommend other supplements depending on your age, present health conditions or a family history of certain diseases, and whether you are nursing, pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or are pre or post menopausal. Do not be surprised if your doctor also asks about the foods you eat and how much exercise you are getting. This is because what you eat, and the amount of exercise you engage in regularly, both a huge impact on your overall health and how long you will live.

The internet has many articles, reviews, and reputable online suppliers of health supplements for women. If you have any questions prior to ordering, look for published studies on specific supplements before buying them. Also, check product labels for seals from trusted entities which means the product has been tested and contains the ingredients listed on the labels in the amounts listed and do not contain harmful ingredients. There are many safety measures which are utilized to ensure a safe and quality product for each purchase.


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